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Photo by Bella Cirovic, shetoldstories.com

Photo by Bella Cirovic, shetoldstories.com

Writer. Director. Producer.

A GrandSLAM storytelling champion whose narratives have been featured on the Peabody
Award-winning Moth Radio Hour as well as on New York City stages and movie screens across
the nation, Jen Lee is a writer, director and producer of celebrated independent films.
Her directorial work includes the 2017 Manhattan Film Festival and 2017 Adirondack Film Festival Official Documentary Selection “Bright Lights”, an intimate look behind the scenes of live storytelling in New York through the chronicling of six storytellers, and "Indie Kindred”, a
documentary about creative collaboration among independent artists.

Her most recent film, “Gather” is feature-length narrative/documentary hybrid that successfully dances between documentary and fiction. This film, which was shot without a traditional script or crew, captured real people in real environments telling stories loosely based on true events in an effort to create an intimate and authentic portrait of adult friendship in today’s world.

Her other resources for artists and makers worldwide include The 10 Letters Project and Movies for Makers. Jen Lee Productions is based in New York City.

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Photo by Bella Cirovic

Photo by Bella Cirovic

04/22/2017 Gather: The Movie films in Wisconsin
04/21/2017  Gather: The Movie films in Chicago
04/20/2017 Gather: The Movie films in Indianapolis
04/19/2017  Gather: The Movie films in Ohio
04/04/2017  Local Community Initiative Begins
03/07/2017  Guest Storyteller: The Adam Wade from NH Show
11/14/2016    Story Circle at Songbird Studio
09/15/2016  Final Cut: Bright Lights documentary
09/14/2016  The Gathering Project diary begins
08/01/2016  Hosting a Creative Movie Night course debuts at BGU
05/01/2016  Finding Your Voice course debuts at BGU
03/15/2016 Movies for Makers: Season One
10/15/2015  Just Between You & Me podcast with Tim Manley begins
Sept  2015  SEVEN Magazine begins The 10 Letters Project
09/01/2015 Teacher: Brave Girl University opens
08/22/2015 Kindred Connection Workshop in BRIGHTON, MI
08/15/2015  Creating & Connecting: 10 Letters Project LIVE in INDIANAPOLIS
08/13/2015  Indie Kindred Screening: CHICAGO, IL at The Collage Cafe
08/11/2015   The 10 Letters Project LIVE: WEST SALEM, WI
Photos by Amy Bruce

Photos by Amy Bruce

05/16/2015  Indie Kindred Community Meet-up at the South Street Seaport, NYC
05/08/2015 Speaker: True Edge Journey Women's Circle, Greenwich, CT
04/16/2015 The Moth GrandSLAM Storytelling Championship at The Music Hall of Williamsburg
03/21/2015 Interview on Nourished Motherhood: On Serving Two Vocations
03/10/2015  Filming/recording for The 10 Letters Project short film and interview
Indie Kindred Community Brunch in Chelsea, Photo by Bella Cirovic

Indie Kindred Community Brunch in Chelsea, Photo by Bella Cirovic

11/22/2014  Indie Kindred Community Brunch in Chelsea, NYC
11/21/2014   Interview for The Luscious Legacy Project
11/05/2014  Indie Kindred DVD Release 
10/24/2014  The 10 Letters Project LIVE: DC Area
10/23/2014  The 10 Letters Project: A Live Event at Serendipity Art Retreat
10/21/2014  Creativity and Connection: 10 Letters at Artfully Yours, VA
10/18/2014  Photo Shoot: The 10 Letters Project with Bella Cirovic
09/30/2014  Featured on The Moth Podcast
09/20/2014  Appeared in The Birth and Death of The BTK Band, Winner of Best Documentary Short at The Coney Island Film Festival
09/07/2014  The 10 Letters Project Short Film Shoot with Amy Grumbling
09/05/2014  Winner, The Moth StorySLAM at The Bell House
05/30/2014  Indie Kindred On Demand Release
05/28/2014  Interview for Story Circles
05/09/2014  Contributor, Mabel Magazine
05/05/2014  Final Cut, Natalia Zukerman Pledge Music Video
04/15/2014   Featured on The Moth Radio Hour
03/01/2014  Indie Kindred: On the Cover of Somerset Studio Magazine
02/15/2014  Created the Indie Kindred Creative Community On Facebook
11/21/2013    Indie Kindred Screening in Vancouver, BC
11/16/2013    Indie Kindred Screening in Brooklyn, NY
11/14/2013    Alice in Tumblr-land Book Release Party and Storytelling Show
11/13/2013    Indie Kindred Screening at LongPlay Cinema in Melbourne, Australia
11/09/2013   Indie Kindred Screening at City Garage in Santa Monica, CA
11/07/2013   Indie Kindred Screening in Santa Barbara, CA
10/25/2013  Indie Kindred Screening in Virginia Beach, VA
10/24/2013  Indie Kindred Screening at Serendipity Art Retreat
10/22/2013  Indie Kindred Screening in The Outer Banks, NC
10/21/2013   Indie Kindred Screening at Randolph College, VA
10/19/2013   Indie Kindred Screening on Plum Island, MA
10/19/2013   Instructor: Alchemy of Everyday Stories with Wishstudio
09/12/2013   Instructor: Story Excavation, Be Present Retreats
09/10/2013   Indie Kindred Screening at The Eliot Center in Portland, OR
09/09/2013  Indie Kindred Screening at Columbia City Theater in Seattle, WA
08/08/2013  2nd Indie Kindred Screening in Denver, CO
08/07/2013  Indie Kindred Screening in Denver, CO
08/01/2013   Indie Kindred Screening in Salt Lake City, UT
07/30/2013  Indie Kindred Screening in Alameda, CA
07/28/2013  Indie Kindred Screening in San Francisco, CA
07/16/2013   Indie Kindred Screening in Omaha, NE
07/14/2013   Indie Kindred Screening at The Arcada Theater in St. Charles, IL
07/13/2013   Indie Kindred Screening at Athens Art Gallery in Crawfordsville, IN
07/11/2013    Indie Kindred Screening in Greensburg, PA
07/10/2013   Indie Kindred Screening in Lancaster, PA
07/07/2013  Indie Kindred Debut at The World Domination Summit
06/05/2013 Contributor, Kindred Magazine
05/14/2013  One-Minute Stories at The Moth Ball, hosted by Garrison Keillor
04/06/2013 Instructor: Safe Conditions for Daring Decisions Workshop 
11/03/2012  Interview on PsychCentral.com
10/07/2012  The Moth GrandSLAM at The Music Hall of Williamsburg
09/16/2012  Instructor, Squam Art Workshops
08/21/2012  Guest on The Karen Walrond Show
07/19/2012  The Moth Mainstage, Saranac Lake, NY
06/13/2012  Release of The Liz Lamoreux Collection (JLP)
04/20/2012  Story Coach, The MothSHOP Community Education Program
04/18/2012  First Season of Retrospective: The Podcast begins (JLP)
04/04/2012  Release of Ritual & Rhythm by Caren McLellan Gazley (JLP)
03/24/2012   Instructor: Steady Burn Workshop at Teahouse Studios, CA
03/06/2012  Winner, The Moth GrandSLAM at The Highline Ballroom
02/29/2012  Release of Beauty Everywhere by Jolie Guillebeau (JLP)
01/24/2012   Release of The Iconic Self Audio Course, with Phyllis Mathis (JLP)
11/15/2011     Release of The Care and Keeping of Creative Souls (JLP)
11/10/2011     Release of Telling Your Story Course with Ophira Eisenberg & Peter Aguero (JLP)
10/18/2011    Contributor, Women Writing on Family: Tips on Writing, Teaching and Publishing
09/15/2011   Instructor: Squam Art Workshops
06/23/2011  The Story Collider, One-Year Anniversary Show
04/06/2011  The Moth GrandSLAM at The Highline Ballroom
03/21/2011   Release of Finding Your Voice Home Study Course (JLP)
The Liar Show, Photo by Allison Downey

The Liar Show, Photo by Allison Downey

01/22/2011  Storytelling: The Liar Show with Andy Christie
11/22/2010  Instructor: Integrate Retreat in the Rockies
10/27/2010  Instructor: Care and Keeping of Creative Souls, Squam by The Sea
09/15/2010  Instructor: Telling Your Story, Squam Art Workshops
11/07/2010    Featured on The Moth Radio Hour
06/05/2010  Instructor: Finding Your Voice, Squam Art Workshops
04/15/2010   The Moth Mainstage hosted by Mike Birbiglia, Players Club, NYC
04/10/2010   Instructor: Integrate Retreat, NYC
02/25/2010  Instructor: Companions for the Journey Retreat, Brooklyn
02/15/2010   Storytelling: TOLD, Hosted by Seth Lind
12/22/2009  Contributor, Poetry for The Masses
12/06/2009  Writing, Journaling and Storytelling Workshop with Momasphere
09/22/2009  Release of Take Me With You: A Journal for the Journey (JLP)
09/15/2009   Instructor: Truth and Consequences, Squam Art Workshops
09/04/2009  Interview on BreneBrown.com
06/30/2009  Release of Fortunes (JLP)
10/27/2008   Interview on Blogher.com
10/20/2008   Release of Solstice: Stories of Light in the Dark (JLP)
07/18/2008   Release of Don't Write: A Reluctant Journal (JLP)

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