Photo by Bella CIrovic,

Photo by Bella CIrovic,

The truth is, I don't crave the spotlight.                      

On the contrary, my favorite way to be together is one on one over a cup of tea in a quiet cafe near the window.

But one thing I've learned is this: Sometimes we write the story, and sometimes the story writes us.

It's the latter that compel me the most--the stories that teach me how to live and how to love. These are the stories I want you to hear, too, so we can all be reminded that we are not alone, we can be more brave than we ever imagined, and everything begins and ends with love.

So every now and then I step onto a stage and take my place behind a microphone, to offer a story, as a gift.

Recently I captured stories from kindreds across the country about creative work and friendship, finding our people and the magic we make together.

I told these artist stories in a documentary film so you can see their work, hear their music and witness their connection even in private, unguarded moments.

When the film was done, I traveled with it from coast to coast and we gathered in big cities and small towns to watch this story together. This story that rewrites what we think is possible for us, that unravels the scripts of struggle and isolation and invites even the most independent among us to experience the power we harness together.

It's the most powerful story I have told yet, because it isn't just my story.

It's ours.

You can find more about my film, Indie Kindred, and all the adventures that follow here.

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Photo by Justin Davanzo

Photo by Justin Davanzo