Photo by Karen Walrond,

Photo by Karen Walrond,

To create something and share it takes so much. Let's not go it alone.

I care about artists, creators, makers. I believe we are at our best when:

  • we are taking care of ourselves
  • we find ways to say what is ours to say
  • and we know we are not alone.

In whatever medium or form it takes, all of my work--everything I do--is in support of these.

When the internet and personal blogs first took off, it was a time of welcome connection for creatives who felt isolated in their studios or like the odd-person-out in their towns. Later, destination workshops and retreats added another layer of depth to these connections.

The next step for our creative community is to use our ability to connect online to find kindreds closer to home. To develop local creative communities so that welcome experience of connection continues to grow and expand. This is my focus for the next few years--finding those who long to gather and supporting that work.

If art and connection are your jam, too, we should get to know each other