Finding Your Voice: A Self-Paced Workshop

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Oh, the things you would say, if only you could!

I know what it's like to witness other people writing speaking making with a sense of boldness and abandon that you think may not be for you. Or maybe you let yourself ache or long for it, maybe even imagine what it would be like to move through the world with a little less caution and carefulness and a lot more freedom.

Things sometimes call to you--things that want to be written said made--and you think, If only.

You might be overflowing with excuses about how busy you are or how you're missing the proper credentials or certifications or how no one cares anyway. You might not even know where those thoughts are coming from or why they are there.

If you could get really down deep and true you might find another layer underneath and it might sound something like this: 

If only I did not feel so wounded/inadequate/frightened, I could write that poem. I could sing that song.

I've been there, I know--I had so many reasons to stay small and quiet. Not just ANY reasons--they were damn good reasons. But my silence was slowly eroding some essential part of my soul.

We've all been injured by criticism, we have consequences we fear and so many thoughts and voices that may not even be our own holding us back.

There is a way through--a powerful process to dismantle the old scripts you've been following--the ones that say your silence or self-censorship are worth the price you're paying--and gives you the power to write a new story for yourself. One with a new ending, with you writing speaking making with as much boldness and abandon as those dear souls who inspire you.

Now available via digital delivery.

Finding Your Voice is a self-paced workshop that ushers you gently through 4 key processes:

  • identifying the sources of your self-censorship
  • uncovering and healing injuries to your self-expression and confidence
  • learning how to dance your way through the real-life complexities of truth telling
  • and discovering creative ways to tell the most difficult or daunting stories.


  • Finding Your Voice studio recording, which is the next best thing to hearing these stories and learning these tools over drinks in a cozy cafe. (mp3 format, immediate download)
  • Finding Your Voice written course, delivered in daily emails (M-F) over the course of 4 weeks. This helps with pacing and serves as a daily reminder of the new practices you are integrating over time.
  • Finding Your Voice Worksheets. Over 50 pages of interactive exercises take you step by step through new practices and tool applications. (pdf format, immediate download)

Start anytime. Go at your own pace. Special Price: On sale for a limited time.

What People are Saying About Finding Your Voice: 

Jen teaching, photo by Mindy Tsonas

Jen teaching, photo by Mindy Tsonas

Jen Lee covers the potential pitfalls of writing: the role of the censorious audience, which often exists only in our own imagination; the ways to get our voice back after it’s received any type of injury; and the recognition that, while what we write doesn’t necessarily need to be shared, we often have a responsibility to others to share our work. Most of all, Jen stresses that our voices should be free, and gives us an infinite variety of ways to practice freeing them.
— --Dr. Lahney Preston-Matto, Associate Professor at Adelphi University and author of The Vision of MAC Conglinne: Aislinge Meic Conglinne
Reading through Jen’s workbook makes me feel as if she’s right here with me, holding my hand and gently guiding me to my own truths. Her wisdom makes me a better painter, and a better person.
— Jolie Guillebeau, painter and storyteller
Photo by Bella Cirovic

Photo by Bella Cirovic

About the Instructor

Jen Lee is the director and producer of the new documentary film,  Indie Kindred, which offers an intimate look at creative collaboration among independent artists.  A publisher, producer and a performer in New York City's storytelling scene, Jen has been featured on public radio's Peabody Award-winning Moth Radio Hour and The Best of The Moth: Volume 15

Jen's soulful-meets-artful resources for off-map thinkers and makers at include apparel, books, course curriculum, audio learning programs and film.