For God's sake, choose again!

This week has been emotional for me. I've spent a lot of time talking to a lot of people, and each conversation refines the clarity of my thoughts and decision-making process.

Someone told me a story recently about an internship she took when she was just beginning in her field. It promised to be really great, a perfect fit for her, and she relocated to a new town to take it. Not long into the work, she discovered that the reality of the situation was much different than what she agreed to and was told. The pay was dramatically different and she wasn't even making ends meet. She says that at this point, she had new information that was not available at the time she took the internship and, given this new information she would choose differently. So she did. She quit, despite the humiliation she felt at having relocated for this "great opportunity" that turned out scam-ish.

There are several things in my life I'm examining in light of new information that was previously unavailable to me. It is time to start choosing again, not inside of blaming or judging others, but from a place of responsibility.

If only it weren't for that little piece of humiliation that goes with it.