the missing

Nurture. Isn't it a great word? I've been doing all kinds of things lately inside of being nurturing. Yoga in bed, massage with this great grapefruit and mint oil, having a tea ritual, eating dark chocolate. And yet

I'm seeking searching swimmng lurching for something missing in my spiritual life. I'm not sure what will feed me now, but I have a sense that it is something contemplative, something quiet, something . . . centered. Nothing in my religious practice is like that--hence, the missing.

Any recommendations?

Thanks to Phyllis for this post on what she calls "the underground". It is so assuring to have companions in the way, to know I'm not alone in experiencing this paradigm shift inside of my faith. I don't know quite what to do about it yet; it seems like I need to stew and simmer in it for awhile before taking any action. Stew and simmer and search and nurture.