Droopy Daisy

It's cold out today despite the sunny appearance. I find myself without much to say. I'm totally Jonesin' for some sugar (with strong black coffee) and I'm drawn to mindless duties today: laundry, knitting, reading in the sunny part of the living room. I wish my office got the afternoon sun; I have trouble going into the colder rooms. "Droopy Daisy" is what I call Amelia when her eyes look the way I feel right now. Droopy Daisy down in my soul.

I think I'll give the "This American Life" link that Rachelle wrote about a spin and try to write something worth the space it takes up. Maybe I feel this way because one of my grandfathers is having a bumpy bounce-back from knee surgery and I think the other one is dying soon, maybe this week or next.

One bit of cheer: I think I've solved my electric toothbrush dilemma. Justin already has one, so I figure I'll just use my own toothbrush head and his base--they pop right on and off. That way I'll save the upstart cost that Leslie pointed out, and we'll still just be charging one base. So, at least I'll have clean teeth . . .