things that even my friends may not know about me

1. At the grocery store my definition of a "good parking spot" is the one closest to the cart return bin, not the one closest to the entrance.

2. I watch the movie When Harry Met Sally whenever I'm sick because the soundtrack, among other things, makes me happy.

3. I'm having a dilemma because my teeth don't get very clean with a manual toothbrush compared to when I use an electric toothbrush, but owning an electric toothbrush goes against my value of energy conservation.

4. I always cringe a little when Amelia first wakes up even though when I see her she's so darn cute I stop minding so much, sometimes at all.

5. I'm now preferring hot tea or soy chai as my drinks of choice at the coffee shop.

6. I keep letting rabbits live in the whole they've dug under the driveway because it makes me feel less city-bound when I watch them scrurry through the yard as I write or wash dishes.

7. I would rearrange my schedule, drop things, whatever, to have coffee with a friend. (Or tea.)