near to sleeping

Song of the Week: Keeping Awake by the innocence mission, of course. (Also from the Dream for an Insomniac soundtrack.)

Oh, I am near to sleeping

I am keeping awake

Edible of the Week: Chocolate and mint in any combination. Peppermint mocha or chocolate chip cookie with mint tea are this week's favorites.

I ate something last night that didn't agree with Lucy, and she was up most of the night with an unhappy belly. I'm not sure when I last got two hours of sleep straight, maybe a couple nights ago. Now I'm drinking my pepp mocha and preparing for a nap. Caffeine should kick in by the time I wake. It quickly becomes evident, why sleep deprivation is used as a torture device. Talk about brain scramble. I came this close to not publishing my entries yesterday because I couldn't tell if they were even coherent. At least one friend thought so. Today I walked into the library, grabbed my holds and checked out, walked to the front door and had to pause for a full minute to remember if I'd checked out or not. I just knew I'd set off the alarms walking out the door, but finally remembered touching the receipt.

Thank God I can drink alcohol again.

I'm working on generating a complete thought about bravery and the contemplative world for tomorrow. For now I should shut my eyes before I miss my chance.