snowed in

We are snowed in. Every highway out of the city has been closed down, even the banks are closing. I always appreciate the way a big storm forces the city to slow down, but that's easy for me to say because my loved ones are safe at home and not stranded in the cold. We're listening to Sarah Mclachlan's Wintersong album and we're burning a candle for our friend, Emily, whose doctor told her to get to the hospital while she still could to get her delivery under way and ensure she has her baby there. I'm relieved she made it there and won't be stuck at home when in labor. The last blizzard of this magnitude hit in March of 2003 and pretty much shut down the city for three days.

The baby is asleep and Amelia and I are preparing to bake our hearts out. I'm thinking chocolate chip cookies tonight (I've been tweaking our family recipe) and maybe molasses cookies tomorrow. We still have no idea how this storm will affect our travel plans, but we're continuing to prepare as best as we can. At least if we're delayed, we'll be bearing an offering of homemade cookies to ease the pain. I'm disappointed that we won't be having a pre-Christmas gathering with my family tonight; I was looking forward to that. At least we're stocked with food and some Christmas movies on the DVR. Now it's just time to hang out, rest and wait.