Harry and Sally, blah blah blah

I think today will be a When Harry Met Sally day. When I was a kid it would have been a pot pie day.

There goes my cute OU alum neighbor, back from taking a walk with her baby. I feel like we'll never hang out. The last time I tried to stop by with an invitation, she was working and her husband answered the door. He didn't seem anxious to chat, and I walked away without any plans to get together.

I'm feeling pretty good the last few days since my aunt recommended the book Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra. I've adjusted my daily routine and diet, and I do feel more relaxed, at ease, less anxious, satisfied. I've never been on Proxac, but I wonder if this is how it feels. Balanced. Serene, even.

So, as my inner performance maniac takes a rest, I think I'll have Harry and Sally keep me company while I work on my taxes--it is such an unpleasant task. Amelia's knitted babe is also ready for some clothes.

Here's the most interesting thing I've read recently. It's referring to John the Evangelist:
The way John writes about Jesus makes you feel like the sum of our faith is a kind of constant dialogue with Jesus about whether or not we love Him. I grew up believing a Christian didn't have to love God or anybody else; he just had to believe some things and be willing to take a stand for the things he believed.
--Donald Miller, Searching for God Knows What
I'm still mulling over the implications of that one.