lost puppies

Fifteen minutes until two o'clock. I think I might be able to stomach a cup of coffee; it might help me hold up my head better. Three good days in a row, and then back on the sofa today. We're in the middle of a snowstorm here in CO, so it's not a bad day for it. Amelia and I watched a movie this morning since it was too cold to play outside or in the basement, and I could lie down a long time without her thinking anything of it. She saw Snow White for the first time. There's a scene in which the seven dwarves pull out their instruments to play a song and dance. She jumped off the love seat, grabbed her tambourine and started playing along. The rest of the time she was snuggled in close, and she cried when it ended. "Hi, Ho" may be the song of the week in our house.

Sometimes when I'm this lethargic I wonder if I really feel that poorly, or if it's all in my head. But then, the minute I feel better I'm compelled to get in action. My productivity and efficiency return like lost puppies and I think, yeah, I must have really felt badly, after all. When I feel well, I can't be this lazy if I try. So, while I wait for peppier moments I'm trying not to make it mean anything about myself that, for today, all I seem to be succeeding at is novel-reading. I will have a creative thought again. I will organize an event again. I will eat spicy food again.

Hi ho, Hi ho
It's back to rest I go
Hi ho, Hi ho
(more whistles)