Hmmm. I just read Phyllis' post today (if i had a hammer . . . 148 comments and still rolling) and it reminded me of the dream I had last night and shared with my husband this morning:

We were visiting a new church (which is not uncommon) and we showed up at 10:15, only to find that we had arrived between services for the Sunday School portion of the morning, not the second service. We were led to a room in which a co-ed adults class was being held. I was surprised to recognize the woman teaching as someone I'd met at another, very strictly complementarian church in the area. I knew she had strong leadership gifting, but I was left delighted and enriched by her teaching. Knowing she is heavily involved in (if not leading) the women's ministry at the *other* church, I finally figured out by the end of the dream that she drove all the way to this alternative place once a month for her only opportunity to share her gifts with the entire church, not just the female portion.

So I guess patriarchy has been on my mind, even when I'm not realizing it. Rachelle closed the comment session to which Phyllis was referring. It's too bad that people have to be so vicious "in the name of love". I've experienced some similar attitudes in my past, things like, "In order to protect The Church, preserve my personal reputation and quench *gossip*, you are not allowed to own or speak of your personal experience. If I don't like what you have to say, I will use my power to stop you and deny the reality of your story. Oh, yeah, don't forget that I love you."