try easy

My yoga instructor speaks often of the balance between effort and ease, in our yoga practice and in life. A phrase she uses to capture this balance is "try easy, as opposed to try hard". It's an interesting concept to take on in life, to look at what it would mean to "try easy". To dance in the space between effort and ease.

One way I've experimented with this recently is creating a rhythm of work and rest throughout my day. Individual time to work and rest, time with Amelia in which we're working and resting together. God models a combination of creation and rest in the creation account, and I think being made in such image we do well when we combine creative energy and rest as well.

It's a much gentler push-pull than I've felt in some time. Usually I have long, frantic spells of work (I must work really hard six days straight to earn my one day off mentality). Giving myself permission to try easy may just be the kindest posture I've assumed in some time.