If you were here today . . .

you would find me eating baked french fries with organic ketchup for lunch. I just finished listening to The Innocence Mission's interview/performance on NPR's Weekend Edition (listen here). They were performing songs from their album, Now the Day is Over, while I stretched out in my recliner and wished my office was immaculate. Then I checked in with my body, found the fatigue, and stopped caring. I remember the day I got that album in the mail. I laid Amelia down for her mid-morning nap, made myself an espresso drink and wept as the beauty of one song after another washed over me.

[Also: Here's a link to The Lakes of Canada for Caren, who might be missing it.]

Justin's been gone working the last few days, and I find myself missing my partner for the strangest reasons. This morning I realized that the back of one of my ears is covered with a strange texture. It's in just the right spot to be impossible for me to see or examine, and I have no idea if something is on my skin or if the skin itself has mutated. When he gets back tonight, that will be the first order of business: ear mutation examination. I seldom miss him for any predictable reasons, usually it's things like this that hit me out of the blue. Not really the sort of thing I want to bother the neighbors about, you know?

The more I practice being present in the moment, the happier I become. It's almost impossible to miss the beauty in life that way. I smile a lot, like when Amelia used the word funky in a sentence and I didn't even know she knew that word. The worries don't seem so consuming, either.

That's what's happening here today. Small worries, big pleasures.