"I don't miss"

I read this post on Dry Bones Dance, and thought that I have more than a few friends who would appreciate it. Here's a bit to entice you:

I've realized that all the stuff that you are supposed to go to church for - community, spiritual support, accountability, input - I've already got. While I occasionally miss corporate worship, I don't miss feeling stifled by only getting to partake of one small part of the Christian tradition. I don't miss the expectation that a "good" Christian will be "involved" by being at church activities 2 - 4 nights a week. I damn sure don't miss church politics and all the accompanying drama, and I really don't miss sermons. I don't miss the feeling that there are certain theological boundaries I'm not supposed to cross. I don't miss the pressure to have a particular emotional response to God. I don't miss being surrounded by answers to questions I'm not asking. I don't miss feeling like "I don't know" is some sort of problem.

I felt this click inside and realized that this whole no church thing is not some sort of problem I need to eventually fix. I like this spot I'm in. I love having the freedom to interact with Christians from various traditions and other people of faith, without having to toe some sort of party line. I love feeling rooted in Christianity, but not confined by it. I love telling the truth about myself with no fear of punishment or being judged spiritually unfit. I love not having to pick one small spot when I see so much that is valuable and so much that is destructive all along the Christian spectrum - and outside the Christian tradition. I love not having to spend a lot of time in a room where everybody thinks the same - or at least pretends they do.

Go read the rest for the whole context. Here's celebrating the diversity of the spiritual journey and finding peace along the way!