remedy for funk

My peppermint mocha addiction has been resurrected just in time for fall. There's something about the combination--steamed Ghiradelli cocoa, Kaladi espresso, and sweet, fresh peppermint syrup--that truly is "Christmas in a cup", as old friends of ours used to say. The clean peppermint off-sets whatever funk the coffee might otherwise leave on your breath, and it's really a perfect drink with either regular milk or soy. It takes watching the sunrise in my soft clothes and tops it with bliss.

Justin and I have been into vlogger Zefrank lately. While I wouldn't call The Show with Zefrank a news source, his commentary and our love for it has me thinking about the news. For all our arguments with relatives about which news sources are more objective, in reality objectivity isn't high on our requirements for our own news consumption (hence our love for The Daily Show). We like to hear people talk about current events with wit and bite, we want them to cut the crap (along with any pretense of objectivity) and say what they think. I want the illusion of a free press exposed for the crock that it is and I think the dissenting voices among us are important. Anywhere an indepedent voice finds its way through, I'll give a listen.

My ideas about dissenting voices weren't too popular in the church. Even there I found that image management superceded truth-telling, looking good trumped caring for those demolished in our wake. All channels of communication were controlled, whether through selective teaching on gossip (it's a sin for you, but since I'm a leader it's no longer gossip but it's my job) or not-so-subtle threats about saying anything negative, a.k.a. something true that makes a leader look bad. Remind you of anyone else's Administration?