onward, christian . . . procreators?

We had a surreal church experience on Sunday. A visiting pastor spoke about how Christians could take back the majority in America in one generation if every family would do their duty and have five children, since the non-Christians are procreating at a much slower rate. (Apparently, Europe will be predominantly Muslim in 40 years.) This marked the first time I've lost control and actually started laughing during a service.
Then the regular pastor, in a sermon supporting infant baptism, said it is like putting a death warrant or death sentence on your child since Jesus may call him or her to lay that life down (whoever loses his life for my sake will find it). It didn't really land as a strong selling point, in my opinion. God apparently practices a mandatory draft, though I'm a little unclear on what that's supposed to mean. Should've taken better notes.
Warfare rhetoric doesn't do much for me. Doesn't even seem accurate, since Jesus never said anything remotely resembling, The kingdom of God is like a mandatory draft. Group membership mentality is another thing I'm a little over at the moment. (We're in, they're out; we're right, they're wrong.) Ah, well. At least it gives me something to write about.