I'm back in town from a long trip I took with Amelia and Lucy. Travel always requires some prep time on the front end and recovery time on the back end. I think we all had a little cold this last week on top of the allergies we were suffering through, so I'm still up coughing at night. My allergies are better in the city than elsewhere, so my body is thankful to be back.

Like Lucy, I am affected by place. My senses take in every detail--even those my consciousness misses. I am out of sorts while I adjust and adapt to changes in my surroundings, and when I'm home, I finally settle into my groove. I think if I hit that by Friday, I'll be good.

Things for which I am thankful on a rough morning:

strangers who help mothers through airports and into their cars

neighbors one trusts with a spare set of keys, who rescue when one is locked out

grocery delivery and laundry service

the ease of life without car seats

a new bakery, and muffins with strawberries and raspberries inside

Coldplay 's Parachute album

warm rain

a happy baby