LIRR, V and a sequel

We've come a long way in two weeks. Yesterday we were gone almost twelve hours for Family Fun Day. After an amazing breakfast at Cousin John's Bakery (remember the muffins?), we took the girls on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) to visit the IKEA store in Hicksville. I think there are a couple in New Jersey that are closer, but seemed to involve more complicated transit. After riding the bus to the train station and buying our tickets, we boarded the first train to the Jamaica station and transferred to a second train to Hicksville (I'm not kidding about the name). Then we stood on the train platform and looked around for a mall. We could see a Macy's in the distance, so we started walking that direction. A quarter mile through wind, snow and ice and we were there. And it was worth it. The store was just as amazing as Cynthia had told me. With playrooms, baby care rooms, coffee shops and a restaurant, it's set up so you literally don't have to leave all day. And after what we went through to get there, we didn't plan to.

But we did step out at one time to hit Starbucks next door and clear our minds enough to make final decisions. There was this two-foot tall stage in the center of the mall there, and Amelia begged to go dance on it. When Justin took her over, she ended up playing chase with another little girl. Finally all these pre-schoolers just started jumping together and formed this toddler mash pit. It was hilarious.

In our two weeks, we've learned the subway, the bus, the car service and the train. We're working our way up to weekend trips to New Hampshire and Montreal. We made some major furniture decisions, which gets us that much closer to unpacking the rest of our stuff. The only sad part is that it will introduce more boxes to the apartment. I think it may feel like Moving Day, the sequel. Today we'll be sticking close to home and working and resting here. No child-schlepping. Maybe we'll finish V for Vendetta. I can tell we're tired. I get this heightened sensitivity to noise, which is easily aggravated by the higher register Amelia goes into to talk to the baby. Her regular voice is pretty high to begin with, so when she hits the higher register I'm amazed it's still in my hearing range and not something that only dogs can hear. Yoo-sey, yook at me! Oh, Yoosey, I a-ways wanted a baby sis-ser yike yooooo!