naptime notes

Seems like Blog City's been changing things around a bit. If you're having trouble with anything on the site, please let me know.

It's actually warm in my kitchen this afternoon; I may open the window. It's supposed to be in the fifties this weekend, which sounds so warm to me. This morning we were out without our hats or gloves on. We're still trying to find the most direct routes to where we want to go. Earlier we took a major detour to find a coffee shop, which I thought were on every block. Nope. Then we had to get back for the gas company to turn on the stove. I've only used a gas stove as a kid, so at least I can call my mom if something happens to it that I can't figure out. With the movers coming in the morning (hallelujah!) I'm doing some cleaning today, lining cupboards and such. I'll need a stool to reach the high ones in my kitchen--I think they go up about eight feet.

My graphics and link functions aren't working today, so pics of the double stollers I see in the neighborhood will have to wait. I was all about getting a stoller as quickly as possible, but now I realize that I have a little thinking to do about which kind will be best for us. Does Amelia need a seat, or would she consistently stand on a boogie board on the back? It's hard to say, especially this week when she's feeling droopy still.

Thanks to Justin's new job, I now get to use the computer. It is so nice and so much easier to keep up with my blog when someone isn't hogging the only working computer we have left all day and all night. I have to tear myself away sometimes when I've been sucked into a stroller site too long. Now if I could only get my kids to nap at the same time again I could type with both hands. Lucy's up now, so time for me to go . . .