a new movie in the neighborhood

Yesterday on our way home from storytime at the library, we stopped to watch Tina Fey film a scene for her upcoming movie, BabyMama . The crew was filming in front of our beloved Community Bookstore and Cafe . We went inside the grocery store across the street to get lunch supplies, and then ate our sandwiches on the sidewalk while we watched the whole process. Too bad Amelia wasn't impressed, even when Tina Fey came out and we were standing just across the street from one of the funniest women in the world. She thought the Elmo's World episode playing in a realtor's office a couple windows down from us was much worthier of excitement. Oh, well. Wish I had more time to write now, but if we leave for Amelia's hair cut soon we can squeeze in a stop at the patisserie on the way.