making dinner

This is what making dinner looks like in my kitchen these days. The kitchen doesn't have a line of sight to the rest of the apartment, and the fan I run with the gas stove creates the ultimate white noise--blocking out any sounds of children in mischief or distress. So I keep the little ones with me. Amelia just needs something to wash, and she can be entertained for an hour. Here she's scrubbing yams with a little brush; other nights she washes our greens in a collander and tears them into a salad bowl. She is equally happy chopping herbs or olives with me, using a safe cutting knife for kids. Lucy needs only something to climb and something soft to cushion her fall. Last night we made our chicken in a slow-cooker, and I sat and listened to NPR while the girls got the yams ready for their hour in the oven. I wonder if it's any indication of their emerging personalities: Amelia washing, Lucy climbing.

I'm off to plan our weekend fun!