worry candy

It's raining today, clouds so thick that it still feels like night. This is supposed to keep up for several days, and I'm full of anxious thoughts about how I will bundle and transport all of us where we need to go today. My worries are growing like taffy on a machine, stretching until it doubles, then triples in length, long strings sticking to each other and making a mess. Our neighbors knocked on the door at nine o'clock last night. Turns out that our toilet started a downpour down their bathroom wall, so there's no flushing until the plumber gets here later today. Justin noticed a wet spot next to the shower recently and wondered if we just didn't get the shower door shut tight, but our neighbor said she thought she saw mold in the ceiling in the same area. So now, with Justin's boxes still not unpacked, I'm wondering if we'll have to move again soon. That thought alone is enough to launch me down a dark spiral.