I am wilting with loneliness today. I had a steady diet of solitude going, but then July ushered in two months of weekend visits with long days and weeks alone with the children in between. Now my system is confused. Amelia's been on the verge of tears all morning because Justin went to work without realizing she had an extra kiss for him. Then there's Lucy exercising the angry yelling that has been her sole mode of communication since she started cutting a tooth days ago. None of us feel quite like ourselves. Yesterday I told Kim, I'm still okay. I'm not in dire straits here. But this morning I am a little more diminished.

The problem with nice steady diets is it makes the feasts just as strange as the famines. Everything is too hot or too cold, without moments of just right. I am not acclimated to either extreme, so neither strikes me exactly like Relief. More like a Relief, But.

I don't know if any of my friends will be available today, but thankfully, Dunkin Donuts is always open. There will at least be caffeine to perk me up a bit.