Vacation Photo Album

I know it hardly seems that I write on this blog anymore, but the girls and I are just back from our week in New Hampshire with friends and family. We have hosted or been someone's company for half of August. I am a little weary, but in that happy, cram-it-all-in-before-autumn-kind of way. New Hampshire was unseasonably cold for much of the week, but we enjoyed our relief from the heat. We wore our smartwool socks, ate freshly baked cookies and curled our fingers around hot mugs of tea and coffee. Lucy didn't sleep much, and her nursing habits went berserk, so I was exhausted and hormonal. Amelia had a week of bliss playing with the Big Girls, and the weather granted us a trip to the lake on our last day. Here are a few pics, including a couple from an appearance by John Edwards that we stumbled upon.

Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution with Emmy and Sylvie

simon says

Karen leads "Simon Says"

edwards 08

John Edwards '08

eliz edwards

Introduction by Elizabeth Edwards, in Peterborough

aidan and marla

Aidan and Aunt Marla at the Mariposa Museum

lucy drums

Lucy's true love: drumming

splashing mark

Splashing Uncle Mark at Scobie Pond

lucy at the lake

Lucy's signature nose crinkle