70 and shivering

I've had a theory all summer that if the temperature in the kitchen ever fell below 81 degrees again, we'd probably feel cold. A couple days ago we had great rainshowers that knocked the humidity out of the air. We opened the windows and the next morning it was a cool 70 degrees in the kitchen. My family donned socks and sweaters and Amelia was shivering. I understood how my grandmother can feel cool in 70 degree weather after living in Arizona. It's funny how one's body adapts.

Schools here are closed the rest of the week for Rosh Hashanah, and I think we'll enjoy the continuing cool weather by taking a picnic lunch to the park. I've been lost in a project craze. I finished our family photo album so it's current to the present. I'm knitting socks, rearranging the girls' clothes in storage among too many other things. So it will be good to get out and walk, watch and play. My mind has felt cluttered, and it's no wonder. It will be good to ease up for a long weekend.