light breaking through

light breaking through, originally uploaded by jenleedotnet.

It always happens. Always. Things get gray, or barren, and then a little light breaks through in a shimmering surprise. The friend who is like your fairy godmother calls you on the phone, or you get a message containing exactly the words you needed to feed your soul, or you receive an invitation to the ball. It might pass quickly, but the light breaks through.

Often, our minds are all too anxious to get back to our shadows, where there is proof of the story we're trying to tell ourselves about how hard the journey is, or how alone we are, or how unappreciated is our toil (cue sad violin).

But the secret to holding onto the light is to take a snapshot in your mind, or put it into existence on a piece of paper above your sink. To remind yourself that it does break through, even in your winters, even for you. To dwell on the gifts and the goodness, and let the worries and troubles keep their own company.