Project Preschool Mommy

Photo by AmeliaProject Runway
Welcome to today's episode.  Our first contender, Jen Lee, is in a coffee shop, armed with art supplies, her preschooler and a sleeping baby.  Her craft plan of cutting shapes and gluing them has just been sabotaged by a petrified glue stick.  The whining will mount to wailing in five.  Four.  Three. Two.  What will Preschool Mommy do?  Ahh (crowd noise).  She was quick to create a peekaboo craft idea with cutting shapes and passing them through a drawn box with a slit cut in the opening.  Her preschooler is happy--she's still in the game!  Uh-oh.  That lasted three minutes and the preschooler made a mistake coloring hair on the circle-turned-face.  She's yelling, It looks ugly!  I hate it! The customers around them are fidgeting and the baby is stirring.  Is our contender on her way out?  No!  In a flash of scissor work, she's fashioned a wig for the circle face.  With this kind of creativity and speed, I think this one could make it to the finals. Today's next challenge is a long walk home at the end of a hot day.  How will Jen Lee occupy her preschooler for the duration?  So far, we've heard complaints of tired legs, thirst, and itchy bug bites and the preschooler is only walking slower.  Wait, our Preschool Mommy is reaching in her bag for something.  It's a Secret Weapon Moment, for sure.  It's--it's the iPod!  Cued up with Candy Man by Sammy Davis, Jr.?  Slam dunk!  That song is getting them home with smiles. Tune in tomorrow to watch Project Preschool Mommy challenge our contestants to a public screaming tantrum, and see what creative ways they come up with to extricate their preschoolers from the playground equipment when it's time to go home.