Don't you love those mornings when the sunrise is painting the clouds pink at precisely the time when you're out to enjoy it?  Most days, the sun comes up too early or too late.  Today was my day. I am feeling so much better today.  I have been seriously under the weather with either allergies or a virus--whatever it is, it's had me out of commission for the better part of a week now.  I spent the weekend whimpering and whining, with very little room in my head for thoughts besides, I hope Brené and her family survive Ike.  I hope they are safe.  I hope they are not too afraid.  Hearing the news that they are safe and sound somehow made it okay again for me to prattle on here about lesser things. And none is less natural-disaster-ish than this. I am feeling 75-80% well this morning, after a new friend told me about these yesterday afternoon.  Looking back, I think it must have taken at least a little courage for her, since nasal cleansing systems have to be the least sexy conversation topic ever.  And this was only the second time we had spoken. I had seen these little pots before in the store--hell, I even have friends who use them--but what exactly they were for remained shrouded in mystery.  Last night I was desperate for relief, and after being clued in, I couldn't resist giving it a try. A. Ma. Zing. My ears were literally popping as the pressure in my passages was released, and my eyelids could open past half-mast again.  I could breathe through my nose all night long.  Today, the rush of all that oxygen coming in feels foreign and elating. All morning I've been trying to remember the last time someone recommended something life-changing to me.  There have been things I've enjoyed, things I've been glad to have discovered.  But every time I walk past this little guy I think, What would have happened if I had known about you 20 years ago?  How much better would my quality of life have been? And, as with any great discovery, I feel compelled to tell the world. Go forth and be relieved.