Sold Out! Don't Write: A Reluctant Journal

By Jen Lee
Design by Christina Macaluso Hammock, rsvp ink
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 in; 224 pp; black and white images, excerpts and quotes throughout to provoke and inspire
Paperback, fill-in journal, perfect bound

Sold Out!

"Anyone who has ever tried to commit words on paper knows how quickly the voices rise, bargaining, begging you to please for the love of God, your father, your sister, your mother, do NOT write that–anything but that. It’s crazy making to hold in your stories, even when doing so can be in many ways the most tender and brave way to get back on the road to love and home and the truth of where everything good began. Jen’s journal is the perfect companion for this kind of journey . . . " -- Jen Lemen "More than anything it may reveal how powerful you actually are." -- Mati Rose McDonough

1dont-write2Don't Write here,you don't write
Before writing, I could tell myself that dreams were a guilty pleasure, that hopes were fantasies. I could tell myself the world was getting along just fine without my voice. And I almost believed it.

--from the Author's Note