Portfolio Project Midpoint Gallery Show

Photo by Karyn Kelbaugh, who says, "The process has certainly been about highs and lows, or more so about plenty and drought.  When I have inspired ideas, like I did today, they come in a flood and usually at the most inconvenient times, and then when I desperately need inspiration, it hides from me.  I have found however that even if I have no ideas, if I just start shooting, the ideas start to come anyway."  Karyn blogs at Mundane Details. wwaddell By photographer Whitney Waddell. You must see her entire Night Portfolio Project.

#5 by Laura Healy
Stepping out into early evening
it is fifteen seconds at most
of standing in the moist air
looking up at the
almost full moon
as the clouds blow past
time to take
maybe one breath
and back into
the beating heart of the house
with its dinner, its child,
a basket of socks.

Laura/TheOtherLaura blogs at One of Three andFor the Time Being

fromchristiane Artwork by Christiane Froehlich, a peace and conflict researcher who is finishing her doctoral thesis during the Portfolio Project.


Photo by Gem, who blogs at Droplets of Devotion. rowena Flying Girl and The Seventh Wave, or Perspective by Rowena Murillo Painting by Jen Lemen. Read more about What 100 Paintings Will Teach You.

I want to thank all the artists who shared their work with us in this Midpoint Gallery Show. Many of them sent me multiple pieces, and it was excruciating to pick just one. I wanted to do a fancy slideshow, but I was getting mired down in the details and had to ditch that idea to keep it fast and dirty. Maybe at the end I'll figure that out. I am so fortunate to be creating alongside each one of you.

Please contact me if you have any corrections to make regarding your credits and links, or if you sent me work and don't see it here. I want to share everything you send me, but with my travels it's possible something may have fallen through the cracks.

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