Check In and Celebrate

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Photos of TMWY in Germany by Stefanie Kastanie, @RedChestnut

Can I tell you that every one of these photos made my day, each time Steffi posted one on Twitter?  There hasn't been anything quite as powerful for me as these images, from across an ocean and so many miles, to drill into my own mind this truth: we truly are together.

And that just leaves me with joy, wriggling in my lap.

Here are a few lines from my dear friend that I woke up to this morning:

all will be well
all this will be a distant memory then and you'll laugh
at how hard you tried before you remembered finally
at once
you could never not belong
you could never be alone

And it's true, isn't it?

I'd love to use the comments section today to take a collective tally of TMWY pages filled to date and other miscellany.

I'll start.

Things broken in the last 48 hours: 2. Favorite mug and pyrex measuring cup.

Things lost in the last 12 hours: 1. Coffee tumbler at last night's show.

Things found along the way: Upbeat tunes. A way to sit and fold my hands in my lap and trust. Two poems. Finally my way in a friendship. Permission to walk through a season of loss.

TMWY pages completed to date: fifty-three.

Now it's your turn. Please check in with your own categories, your own tally of things to release or to celebrate.  Every comment will be like these photos of Stefanie's--marking the place where our journeys intersect, the moments and ways we are together and need to still, always, be reminded.

Community TMWY pages (running total): 372