Collaboration Closeup: Bella Cirovic

Photos by Bella Cirovic,


The photography of Bella Cirovic is all about telling stories, bearing witness, and seeing deeply. This is exactly why, when it was time to do my short film about Telling Your Story, I knew her images were a perfect fit.

It's also why I asked Bella to come to Brooklyn to do a photo shoot with me. A lot has shifted for me internally this fall, and I wanted some images that would bear witness to this "new skin".

It takes talent and presence to see people--to really see them as they are, right now--but it takes even more to see who they are becoming. Working with Bella was just like that. She captured beyond what is--she got what is becoming in real time and what is yet to come.

(I'll tell you the story of this shirt another time.)

Working with Bella is a deep joy--I'm so thankful for the way she sees me. More photos from our shoot are posted in the Photo Gallery (which lives under the "About Jen" link in the top menu bar).

The hostess of and the talent behind She Told Stories, Bella Cirovic is a storyteller and seer with a camera. Look for Bella in an upcoming issue of Artful Blogging, and follow her on Twitter.