Cooking Dinner, and a Week of Playlists

I'll be mostly out of the studio this week tending to my health and wellness, but I'm featuring a week of playlists while I'm away. I was saying last week on Twitter that I needed a playlist for cooking dinner, and then Emily said she'd love to hear it, and then Jeanine started chiming in with recommendations and thus the Cooking Dinner Playlist was born.

I save all my cartoon/tv show chips for this time of day, when I can usher the children into the living room for forty minutes and retreat to the kitchen to make dinner like it's a meditation. At one time I had a glass of wine and cheese while I cooked; these days I'm more likely to nibble on a piece of dark chocolate with hazelnuts to tide me over until it's ready. Twinkle lights and candles are always good, and this time of year a breeze coming in through the open window can make you feel like you're being blessed by the gods.

This list also reminds me of this AM radio station I loved when we lived in Colorado. It played music from the Great American Songbook, all the time, and Justin teased me because all the ads were for denture creams and assisted living centers. I was not exactly in their targeted demographic. But I never minded, and these songs are still so soothing to me near the day's end.

What's your recipe for unwinding? What kind of vibe are you feeling in the kitchen, when you're preparing or eating food?

The Cooking Dinner Playlist