Finding Your Voice Around the Web, Part 2

Self portrait, Miel Patisserie, PhiladelphiaThere is oatmeal cooking on the stovetop and an Easter Egg Edition game of hide-and-seek happening all around me, but I'm jumping on this morning to say, Thank you. Thank you to all of you who added the Finding Your Voice button to your websites, to everyone who has sent me encouraging notes and comments, and to all those below for hosting giveaways, interviews and sharing Finding Your Voice with their own communities. (You can find last week's highlights here.)

There are a few more interviews coming soon. It's been really interesting for me to hear what questions people have and speak into them, and to connect with some of the people I enjoy so much online. But for today, please know I am swimming in gratitude, and that I appreciate so deeply all the ways in which you support my work.

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