In the Works

Production mode continues here in the studio, because I'm always one to try to squeeze out one more thing. My friendship with Tilky, my designer, is changing my life--we're like Fred and Ginger over here, tapping out and spinning our moves and loving the dance. I'm so pleased to tell you that one of the publications we're working on will be FREE. (I'm setting up a little email system to help me distribute it and keep you posted about future projects and events.)  It is a story that I've been holding tight to my chest like gold, but I think you might need it, too, so the time is coming to share.

But for today, let me give you a sneak peak of the new journal that I'll be debuting at the Squam Art Fair next week.  What do you get when you have me, writing in my own hand, unedited and homespun, just for you? A writing guide/fill-in journal that begins like this:

If I heard you were coming to see me, and if you said casually, "Do you think we could talk about writing while I'm there?" I would say, "Of course." Then I would go out and buy you a blank book. While I waited for you to arrive, I would jot some of my thoughts and ideas on writing through its pages, so you would have something to take with you we we said our good-byes.

This is that book.

Available at the Squam Art Fair, Saturday, September 19th.  Coming to my online store soon after.