Make Something

There are so many spaces and seasons and spells that we move through in creative work.  Bursts of energy and waves of fatigue, certainty and mystery, joy and sorrow, and so many more.  I stay grounded and rooted, I recharge and renew, I care for myself in a hundred different moments on a hundred different days with this mantra: make something.  I make dinner.  I make cookies or kale salad.  I make dolls out of felt or bracelets out of beads.  I make a poem or a sweater or even a really good bath.

Making something cures so many ills for me--nearly all that I can imagine.  This is one of the many reasons why art is good for us--the act of taking what we've got or what we're given and making something of it, something that was nothing just moments before, well it can be powerful.  Or comforting.  Or healing.

Art is good for you.  Today, try taking what you've got or what you're given and make something.  It could be a masterpiece disguised as a grilled cheese sandwich, a new tune you hum as you walk through your day, or a temporary spa that springs up tonight in your bathroom.  Whatever you make, bring your attention and your intention to it, infuse it with your distinct artistic flair.  Make something--it can only do you good.

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