Part Two: The Journey Together

Part Two: The Journey Together from Jen Lee on Vimeo.

(Pre-recorded with love.)

After an 18-hour travel day, my body is home and my soul is doing its best to catch up.  We're going to be easing ourselves gently into the day over here.

I was moving my pen across the paper at 50,000 feet last night after many days of not doing so. If you haven't been moving your pen across your paper or if you have moved it along your way, we are still together.

And there is nothing wrong.

So this is me, just as I am, welcoming you, just as you are, back to this place where we meet--back to the knowledge that there are always hands to hold us, wherever we are.  Back to the remembrance that we are never alone beyond reach or lost beyond finding.

There is always the journey. And being together is the only way to go.

My store is back on-line, for those of you who have waited so patiently for my return.