Podcast: Resting and the Temptation to Over-Do It

the diner, Horizon Perfekt, Lomo 400 35mm filmIn this podcast (alternate title: Confessions of a Performance Addict), I'm just checking in about the things I'm learning--coming off a pretty full month--about resting and the temptation to over-do it.  Right now I'm really trying to acknowledge all the last month has held, to be present to it, and to let myself keep things light and easy for the next few weeks.  I'll be honest with you, at times I'm feeling pretty nutty.  Like on the third straight day of listening to a single song ("You Had Time" by Ani DiFranco) literally on repeat and not wanting to hear, watch or listen to anything else.  Other times, I feel like pulling off some Super Woman move.  Here's how I'm navigating it all.