Some Friends

KateSome friends take you just as you are.  They don't need you to dial back or simmer down.  Some friends will go there with you, wherever "there" might be today. They'll dig in and pull apart the tangles with you, or just sit with you and your coffee and the best chocolate on earth that they arrive with as a matter of fact.  They'll join you in your fantasy of how one might thank such chocolate-makers properly.

Some friends feel like you've known them forever.  They come with the kind of connection that defies time or geographic distance.  You love them as though you've been loving them your whole life long, and they understand you so instinctually that they might as well have been with you since the beginning.

Some friends know how to be brave.  How to dream a life and make it, how to dream a love and hope for it.  Some friends know how to greet the coming future with hearts cracked open wide.  They sit patiently with sadness through the long, quiet hours of night.  But when it is time, they slide off sorrow like an evening gown that is out of place at dawn, and they run with bare feet to greet the morning sun.