Squam Snapshots (2011)

Diana+ camera with medium format film. Photos of me taken by Jolie Guillebeau. Hammock: Jolie & Jenica. Also pictured: Carol Michael, Program Coordinator

Favorite Squam 2011 moments:

  • Dreaming up new possibilities with Maya and Jolie on my cabin's porch while Jolie painted the view.
  • Meeting fellow teachers like Helene, Shari, and Penny for the first time, 
  • and spending soulful sessions with my oh-so-gifted students.
  • Stealing long chats with Flora
  • and receiving a much-needed dining hall intervention from Linda about the value and worth of my work.
  • Sharing a cabin that was both a quiet, sacred space, and a place of celebration with Pixie and this Maya.
  • Dancing in front of the fire, letting myself party and play with my peers in a way I don't get to do often.
  • Meeting, as always, the people I'm meant to meet.
  • Being entrusted with the stories of others and reveling in the ways we intersect and find one another.
  • Letting myself receive as much as I gave.
  • Savoring a soy hot chocolate and a morning of refuge at Mocha Rising,
  • and teaching the cute kid at Holderness General Store how to make one of the same with the kind of authority that New Yorkers in particular can summon.
  • Kate in all her wild honesty, turning the drive into a sacrament.
  • Watching dear ones take their place behind the microphone, or tell a long story for the first time on a stage.
  • Being among friends in a place in which only two years ago I was a stranger.
  • Truing up my heart in a simple conversation or embrace with touchstones like Mary Beth, Cal and Sarah.
  • Getting to show up, give my humble offerings, and find myself--welcome, loved, home.