Steady Burn: At Teahouse Studio

Good things: everyone enjoyed seeing our good things in person, and being the first to see what's coming soon!

It was so good to be at Teahouse Studios with Stef and all the new friends who came out to join us. Everyone was open and generous, sharing stories and laughter.

Jolie Guillebeau, my unofficial business manager, relaxing before the workshop begins.

Me: Oh my gosh, Liz--those pillows look like you painted them!

Liz: I did.

(Of course.)

The irreplaceable Phyllis Mathis.

Weekend bonus: getting to be face-to-face with some of my most beloved friends.

Somehow, every time I take a picture of Caren Gazley, she's sipping a warm drink.

Color, color everywhere.

Being at Teahouse Studio is like being wrapped inside an artist's pallette. So many colors and textures delight and inspire, everywhere you look.

These two are always so happy to be together.

We enjoyed some of the yummiest meals EVER.

Handmade pottery by Phyllis, and a sneak peek at the cover art for Beauty Everywhere: A Portable Gallery by Jolie Guillebeau.

We savored Caren's special touches, like her tealight candles and her essential oil tips and treatments.

I loved seeing Liz, my partner-in-crime, in person. She always makes me smile.

Steady Burn was the most nourishing, filling, feeding-of-body-and-soul event we've ever done. If you'd like to experience some of this creative wellness wisdom for yourself, order your copy of Caren's brand-new book: Ritual and Rhythm: A Guide to Creative Self Care. (Coming soon!) We took the opportunity to celebrate this new project while we were together, ooh-ing and aah-ing over Liz's design and Hula's photography, reveling in the exquisite feel of the paper and the joy of seeing Caren's words and wisdom come to life.

Many thanks to all whose presence and contributions made this weekend so special.

Yearning for some time together? Join me at Squam Art Workshops in September.