When the Cameras Break

photo by Tracey Clark

Every summer, I gather for a few days with friends on the Oregon coast.  It's a refuge, really, from work and worries and woes, to revel in the simple pleasure of being together. 

I was so excited to have my panoramic camera this year, dreaming of wide ocean views, but it broke within minutes of my arrival at the shore.  Then I thought I'd switch to instant film, but that equipment, too, stopped working. I dug through my bag for back-up plans and equipment, and grabbed my digital camera for a day-long outing.  We were there five minutes when the battery died. 

I just kept trying to breathe, and to move from Plan E to Plan F to Plan G.  I ended up with a few Diana shots (with a standard shape I've never tried before), but after recharging I mostly shot with my digital camera, which is rare for me.  I also remembered to pull out my new Flip Video and play with it a bit.

I put this little project together with the digital shots and clips.  I'm hoping that it reminds me all year long that surprising (and even beautiful) things can happen when it seems like everything's going all wrong. 

Photos taken with a Canon Rebel XTi and a 50mm f1.4 Lens .  Thanks to the good people at Lomography for solving all my equipment problems when I got home.  And thanks to my friends for all the ways in which they restore my soul.