Where I'm at

Diana Instant+

I couldn't resist the feeling this morning that summer is some alternate reality and that I'm missing my "regular life" just a little bit.  We're having one adventure after another, and my feet don't even feel themselves landing home any more.  I've surrendered to leaving the suitcases packed, and I feel like some part of my soul is now doing the same.

This most recent visitation home has been spent with my head down, cranking out a new project in the minutes when I'm not applying sunscreen at the park and herding preschoolers through lunch at local diners.  This is the crazy five-week project, and I think it's all pulling together.

The reason for the urgency is that I want my students at Squam to have something more they can away with them when we part, and I want everyone who wanted to join us to have something in its place.  Part fill-in journal and part writing guide:  this book will be your companion as you find your courage and your voice.  It's coming in September, and I promise it will be worth all the quiet it's taken on the blog to get it done.