. . . full of candid, humorous, and enlightening stories that stimulate the mind and warm the heart . . . a potent encouragement to anyone who seeks to discover their full, unique being in the world.
— Tom Daly, PhD, Founder of 4 Gateways Coaching

The Iconic Self: As You Were Always Meant to Be

Remember when you were little and you made up spontaneous songs and sang them loudly down the street, moving your small body to a beat only you could hear? Remember when you charged at the neighborhood bully who took your sister's doll and climbed him like a jungle gym ladder? There was a time when you were fearless. A place where you knew no other law than trusting yourself. A way you could stand up and throw down and reach out and let go, just as naturally as your heart beats and your lungs breathe.

That girl is still in there.

Maybe you nudged her into the attic or swept her under the rug trying to win things like belonging and respectability. Maybe it's been so long since you saw her you forgot she's even in there.

You could sure use her energy and spunk now.

Because playing with a fraction of our moves isn't really playing at all. Because being good only gets us so far. Because who we were always meant to be has a way of never letting us go.

You need a path, some sign posts, some wisdom to light your way. You need to know you're not alone, and you won't be the last. You need an extended arm to link in yours so you can reach out your other arm to another. So no one has to go this journey alone anymore.

And you don't have to wait any longer.

About the Authors:


Phyllis Mathis is a Soul Professional. More than a psychotherapist, life coach, or spiritual mentor, she is best described as a Seer, Sojourner and Sage. In this capacity Phyllis works with artists, writers, homemakers and entrepreneurs—all sorts of brave souls determined to step into the joy and power of their truest selves. She lives and works in Arvada, Colorado.

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Jen Lee is a publisher, producer and a performer in New York City's storytelling scene. She has been featured on the Peabody Award-winning Moth Radio Hour, and in The Best of The Moth: Volume 15. She is a sought-after mentor and guide for workshops and retreats unleashing creative expression, and her private Story Mentoring clients range from authors to executives.

Jen's soulful-meets-artful resources for off-map thinkers and makers include apparel, books, course curriculum, and audio learning programs. She is currently producing and directing her first short documentary: Indie Kindred.

Listening to the stories of Phyllis and Jen is like sitting in the presence of welcoming friends. Through their simple and eloquent storytelling they were able to place a benevolent and thoughtful lens onto my own experiences, fears and desires that lie deep and silent within me.
— Ellen Haroutunian, Licensed Professional Counselor and writer
I use The Iconic Self with my clients that are ‘stuck’ in their head. It helps them in a safe and non-threatening way to get out of their head and try something more experiential and from their heart.
— John Hartle, M.A., Executive and Life Coach

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