bare minimum mode

A friend asked me the other day if there was any reasoning behind why I post entries some days and not others.  I explained to her that I usually get to touch our laptop for about ten minutes on lucky mornings while my husband eats his breakfast.  So, I either have to have something good to say when I sit down, or I tend to spend the time reading what my friends have to say.  Many days I go to the library to write on my project, and I might post then, but I'd typically feel guilty for not working on my project.  This week, with my nearly-two-year old sick and myself possibly catching what she's got, I'm feeling a little behind in every arena (business calls, laundry, exercise, reading, conversations with friends).  Also, it's amazing how your capacity for critical thinking goes out the window when you're trying to keep pressing through life with all your symptoms.  It's like I've down-shifted into bare minimum mode.  The fun thing about being a parent is, you get to fall behind the week your child is sick, and then it doubles as you get sick for the following week. So know that we're hanging in there, snuggling in the rocking chair and watching Charlie Brown holiday specials.  Hopefully I'll get my brain back soon.