Happiness Is . . .

My mom told me the other day that if she didn't see me as often--if she was only reading my blog-- she'd be more worried about me. So, I'll try to remember to write about the happy things, too. (I'm sure they haven't been receiving equal play.) When I was growing up, my grandmother had these books by Charles Schultz with the Peanuts characters called Happiness Is a Warm Puppy and Happiness is a Sad Song, and they were like a fixture of goodness that still hangs in our memories.

Here's the list I would write today.

Happiness is . . .
  • my husband bringing me two books on writing that he bought on his trip to L.A. last weekend (my very own copy of Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott and On Writing by Stephen King)
  • a warm oatmeal chocolate chip cookie with a cup of hot (but not too hot to drink) peppermint tea
  • having new friends over to play
  • feeling my daughter's warm cheeks up against mine just after she's awakened
  • realizing someone you haven't talked to in a while really does still like you
  • having trips to see people we love to look forward to
  • breaking out the Christmas music
  • practicing yoga in a sacred space
  • sharing peppermint mochas with a friend who's like a sister
  • praying my mom would have girls both times she was pregnant, and getting sisters who surpassed my wildest dreams
I could go on, obviously, and I made add to this list as time goes on. Feel free to add your own "Happiness is" in the comments.