caught between the desire

Justin was reading a typology site recently. I'm an INFJ, and this part of the analysis was interesting to me:

INFJs, like many other FJ types, find themselves caught between the desire to express their wealth of feelings and moral conclusions about the actions and attitudes of others, and the awareness of the consequences of unbridled candor. Some vent the attending emotions in private, to trusted allies. Such confidants are chosen with care, for INFJs are well aware of the treachery that can reside in the hearts of mortals.

Did I mention that Mother Teresa of Calcutta was an INFJ? Just checking.  Going along with this, I've been wrestling with something else I read for several days now:

In order to voice the soul, we will have to balance our inner experience with an outer one.  A mystic is a person who tends to have inward experiences of the Divine and who finds ultimate authority within that experience rather than in a source outside of herself.  Prophets, on the other hand, are people whose spiritual energy moves externally into the world.  They become voices, calling society to truth, justice, and equality. They go "out there" and struggle to bring about social and spiritual revolution.  The point is, as authors Eleanor Rae and Bernice Marie-Daly suggest, we can no longer afford to be one or the other.  Conscious women are both.

       --Sue Monk Kidd

Contemplation and action, always married together.  Easy to speak about; challenging to live.