The office is rearranged, painted and feeling much better already. Cozy brown walls have replaced their stark white ancestors. I've added a rocking chair and a little warmer for my coffee cup (thanks, Caren). There is also a bookshelf to store the multitude of books I like to read simultaneously. Now I just have to deal with the rest of my house.

I've been plagued by this strange sensation lately that even though I spend large quantities of time and energy cleaning up, the mess multiplies even faster. I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't because we own too much shit. Seriously, mothers didn't have to deal with this scale of mess in the day when children owned only three toys. And kitchen gadgets for every whim and occasion--don't even get me started. How is it that all this entertainment and 'convenience' seem to hinder more than help? Now there are entire industries that help us organize, store and protect all the stuff.

This may call for some early spring cleaning. My simplicity threshold has been breached.